Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 18, 2006

These are Mack and Belinda's dogs, Alex (white) and Cesar (brown). Both dogs are sweetie pies and love attention. They love to ride in the car whenever Belinda or Mack go anywhere. Alex has arthritis in his hip now, but he gets around fairly good most of the time. They're staying with us and are keeping Misty company while we're going back and forth to the hospital. All three love to romp and play in the big back yard we have and it wears them out - thank goodness. I wish I had their energy.

I apologize that I didn't write anything last night, but we had company and I was really tired after going to work early yesterday and working late. Mack is continually showing more signs that he hears us when we talk with him. He's got a really good grip in his right hand now and is showing signs of movement in his left hand as well. Remember, the brain injuries were to the right side of his head, which affects the left side of his body. He has Diffuse Axonal Injury, if you'd like to Google that to get more information.

Steven and Julia Morales, Belinda's brother and sister-in-law sent beautiful silk flowers to Mack earlier this week and I forgot to mention them in my blog - I truly apologize for the oversight.

There are several prayer groups going for Mack all over the country and we really appreciate it more than we can say. Thank You ALL from the bottom of our hearts.

Love to all,

Ruth & Richard


Blogger Lara said...

So glad to hear that he is getting better, bit by bit. Our prayers are continuing to flow, love to you all,
Lara & Kevin

1:39 PM  

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