Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 22, 2006

The Manor Family - Christmas morning, at Irene's

Sitting - Mom, Irene

From left to right: Kim Grubb, Richard Manor, Carol Susan Bennett, and Henry Manor.

The doctors took the left chest tube out of Mack yesterday afternoon, however, the right chest tube is still in place. They also took a chest x-ray to ensure that Mack's lungs were okay afterward. The ventilator tube may be the next thing to go as long as he continues to improve.

Mack is still responding when asked to squeeze a hand if he hears them talking to him. That means he can hear most everything around him. He was a little groggy yesterday afternoon from the morphine, so his response to voices was not quite what it has been without it.

We appreciate all the prayers, phone calls, visits, cards, e-mails and flowers, as well as the help from our friends, neighbors and co-workers over the past two weeks. Without your support this would have been a much harder road for us to travel.

Love to all,

Ruth & Richard


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ruth, I just want to say thanks to you and Mack for putting this blog site up. Debra and I have been following 'Lil' Macks progress in the background and have kept you guys in our prayers. Thanks again... Much Love, Ronnie

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