Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday, August 25, 2006

In the center is the silk flower arrangement and Get Well balloon that Julia and Steven Morales sent to Mack. They are on the table at the entrance into the Neuro-Science ICU so that everyone can enjoy them. Unfortunately, there is no place in Mack's ICU cube where flowers can be placed, but I promise that they will go with him when he gets moved into a regular hospital room - which should be soon.

Yesterday I went up to visit Mack around noon and he had just come out from surgery. They placed the trach into his throat and a feeding tube into his stomach, then took away the respiratory and feeding tubes from his mouth. You have no idea what a difference that made to how much better he looks now. While Jenny and I were there, Mack's team of trauma doctors came by to check on him - post surgery. When they stopped, Mack was still asleep from the anesthesia; then they started discussing Mack's situation over with his nurse, Jim. Jenny and I tried to listen to what was being said, but they talked so low we couldn't make it out. When the group moved on to the next patient, I asked Jim if he would share with me what they just discussed. He said that Mack's white blood cell count was a little high, but they thought that was a result of the surgery. He also said that the surgery went well and that the blood clot in his right leg had dissolved on its own. While this discussion took place as Jim was on my left, I looked over to my right where Jenny was standing to ask her a question and realized that Mack's eyes were WIDE OPEN. He had a blank stare, but his eyes hadn't been open that far before in my presence.

Today, on Friday, August 25th, Mack's Glasgow coma scale has been elevated to a 9; he was at a 3 when he was admitted on August 8th. The top of the Glasgow scale is 15, and the bottom is 3, so he's gone over half-way to where he needs to be! Please keep the prayers going for Mack so that he can continue to improve.

According to Jim the plan or next step is to take the right chest tube out within the next couple of days and monitor Mack's progress for a little longer before they move him from the Neuro-Science ICU to another floor and his own room. That may happen sometime next week. I'll keep everyone posted if he gets moved and where they move him to.

For our friends in Myrtle Beach (Terrie, Jeff, Kris and Stephanie), we want you to know that we love and miss you all. We will do our best to come down next spring, as long as everything has settled down by then.

Love to all,
Ruth & Richard


Anonymous Sue said...

I went to see little Mack today (8/27) and he seemed to have a regular sleep cycle going on, which is a good sign. He finally opened his eyes about 10:30, which for him probably isn't unusual on a Sunday morning. He kept yawning a good bit and I asked his nurse Daphne if his white blood cell count had come down any, and it hadn't. She said it could be a sign of infection, but he had been taken off all the antibiotics. I've read that nurses are the most reliable source of information next to the doctors, so if you go visit him and have questions, please don't hesitate to ask whomever his nurse might be that day. I only get to see him once a week, so bless Ruth for this blog.
Keep the prayers coming and the faith going!
Little Mack's Aunt Sue

8:30 PM  

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