Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jason and Mack at the beach a couple of years ago.

Jason brought several of his pictures for me to scan into Mack's picture album so that he can see them when he wakes up and knows what's going on.

Here is the whole gang that went to the beach.

Jason, you're going to have to place a comment at the end of this blog to tell us where and when these pictures were taken.

Jason has been traveling from North Carolina, where he lives, up to Virginia to see Mack every weekend since Mack has been in the hospital. Mack and Jason have been best friends since their Junior High School days in Chester. Jason and his family lived a couple of blocks away from our house in Cameron Run. Richard and I "adopted" Jason since he was at our house a good bit of the time. After Jason graduated, he went on to become a professional soccer player, who played and lived in Iceland for a little while, until his knee was injured severely.

Today, Mack has been running a slight fever. He seemed a little tired this afternoon when Richard and I went to see him. Other than that, there wasn't much change today.

Mack did open his eyes a little when I talked to him and told him that I was going to make him an Elvis CD for him to listen to. Actually, Mack knows that Mawmaw likes Elvis a lot, so he really didn't mind listening to him, although he'd may not admit it 'cause it isn't kool. Mawmaw has in her living room, an Elvis plate collection in a plate rack that plays Elvis music, which Mack likes. This evening I burned an Elvis CD and I also made him a country music CD of songs that I know he likes. Richard is taking those up to the hospital to him tomorrow. I think those CDs should keep Mack's interest for a little while.

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Please help us keep up the faith, hope and prayers,
Ruth & Richard


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