Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Belinda and her brother, Steven, together at our house before he went to Iraq last September.

Steven is due to come home from Iraq around September 8th, which isn't too long from now.
We hope and pray that he comes home safe and sound again. This is Steven's third trip to the middle East. The first time he went to Afghanistan, the second and third time, he went to Iraq. We hope he gets to stay home on US soil for quite a while this time around.

Yesterday, the doctor removed the right chest tube from Mack. Then, last night Mack was moved to the 11th floor from ICU, but was moved back to Neuro Science ICU again this afternoon. He was running a fever of 103+ and coughing, which means that he still has some pneumonia symptoms and an infection in his right shoulder for ICU to take care of.

Richard said that Mack moved his LEFT hand and leg on his own late last night, which he hasn't done before. He also moved his head to the right, instead of the left on his own and his eyes were open and acting like they were looking around, trying to focus. Mack has started having spasms in his arms and legs at times, which the nurse called "Clonus". They're not sure what is causing them, but it could be a reflex action.

Today marks three weeks that Mack has been in a coma and in ICU. However, he has shown little signs of improvement each day since August 8, thanks to all of your good thoughts and prayers. God bless everyone who has been keeping him in your prayers each day. We couldn't do it alone without all this support. Thanks for being there for us and the rest of the family.

Much love,
Ruth & Richard


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