Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Richard's parents, Mack's grandparents

Irene Lackey and Paul Manor on their wedding day. They lived in Patrick County, near Martinsville, Virginia and were married there. Later on, they moved to Hopewell, Virginia, purchased the house on 14th Avenue and raised four children there. The oldest is Gloria Kim Manor (Grubb), next is Richard McClellan Manor, then Thomas Henry Manor and Carol Susan Manor (Bennett) is the youngest. Paul Manor was Captain and also Chief of the Hopewell Fire Department. Irene Manor drove a school bus for Hopewell City Schools for several years.

Paul Manor passed away in the early 1980's and Irene Manor passed away in August 8, 2003.

It just so happened that Mack's accident was also on August 8, 2006.

The doctors discovered today and diagnosed that Mack has MRSA, which is an organism (Staphylococcus aureus) found in many individuals skin and seems to cause no major problems in most cases. Mack will be moved into an isolation room within Neuro Science ICU until this can be cleared up. They're giving him antibiotics for this infection and it may be why his temperature is still at 101 F. Mack is also getting medication to help clear up the congestion and excess secretions in his chest. Along with MRSA, Mack also has Thrush mouth, a kind of yeast infection which develops as a result of all the antibiotics he's received for the past 3 weeks.
Because of his fever, Mack has been less active than he was in the days before the fever started again.

Recently, the family was told that we can expect to be on a "roller-coaster" for a while, because Mack will have some good days and then, he will have set-backs. We're keeping the faith, hoping and praying that he will continue to make progress and that he will regain conciousness again soon.

Mawmaw's (my Mom's) birthday is tomorrow, August 31st. She'll be 74 years young. If you know her, please call her and wish her a Happy Birthday. That would mean a lot to her. She also has e-mail - her address is if you'd like to send her a birthday wish that way.

That's all for tonight!

Love to all,
Ruth & Richard


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