Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006 - Improvement Shown

Yesterday, September 22, was Jimi Manor's birthday. This is Jimi at our house in Chester, with Mack in the background,when he turned 7.

We wish Jimi a happy birthday with many happy returns.

(Sorry Jimi, I forgot you changed the spelling of your first name.)

This is Dale, Mack's step-brother, at age 13 in 1983, at Neuschwanstein in Germany. Visiting Germany, meeting relatives he never met before, and touring in Bavaria. This picture was taken at Neuschwanstein - one of Dale's favorite times of his life.

Today is Dale's birthday and he's a bit older now than he was in this picture - you can do the math.

Mack has been showing daily signs of improvement since he swas started on the Sinemet on September 15th.
* Sept. 16 - began regular head movement
* Sept. 17 - his mouth began opening, for more than a yawn
* Sept. 18 - Pronounced mouth opening and lateral movement of right leg.
* Sept. 19 - Another "low-oxygen" episode - return to ICU
* Sept. 20 - Licking lower lip, tightened mouth when Blistex was put on lips.
* Sept. 21 - Mack was put back to 11th floor from ICU, room 408; lifted head off pillow - appeared to try to scratch forehead, licking lips more, refused Blistex, not opening right eye as usual, lethargic at heart rate of 120-125 - appeared to look Richard's way quickly as he walked around the end of the bed to the other side.
* Sept. 22 - Found him in fetal position in bed, nurses did not put him in that position. Lifting right leg up - moving left leg more.
This is a recent picture of Dale (on left) and my brother Jimmie, at our house, Christmas 2005.

The prayers and support everyone has sent to each of Mack's family members is very much appreciated. Please continue to keep him in your prayers and continue keeping the faith and hope.

Thanks and much love,
Ruth and Richard


Anonymous Sue said...

So glad to hear Mack is showing more improvement! We're going to see him tomorrow, as we haven't been in two weeks and I'm really feeling guilty about that. We had our own scare this past Wednesday: Kevin got hit on top of his head with a backhoe bucket and had to have a CT scan. It didn't show anything, but his equilibrium was a little off. He was just happy to get a couple of extra days off from work!Thank God, though, he was wearing his hardhat, and it really did it's job. I hate to think what could've happened had he not had it on. Anyhow, I hope Mack will put on a show for us like he did a couple of weeks ago when he was so active.Happy Birthday to Jimi and Dale!Love to all, Sue

1:36 PM  

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