Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September 6, 2006

Mack was about 5 in this picture. He put BVD underwear on his black lab poundpuppy and thought it was hilarious. Of course we took a picture of it because we thought it was funny too. Mack loves to make people laugh and will do most anything silly to get them to laugh. Around the holidays, when the family all gets together, be careful when you're trying to eat dinner because Mack will start telling jokes, one after another, just to get you to laugh till your drink comes out of your nose.

Last night, they moved Mack from the ICU unit to the 11th floor, Room 404, near the nurses station. They still have him in a private room until the MRSA clears up. The gown and gloves are still required when you go to see him on the 11th floor. Mack had a bit of a rough night last night after they moved him so Richard and Belinda stayed with him until after 11:00 p.m. He was having coughing spells and had a hard time breathing until the nurse suctioned out his air passages. Mack is showing signs that he may be able to see a bit because his eyes follow you to his right when you move around. His eyes aren't following to the left yet. He's also starting to move his left arm more than before, so they've put a soft splint on his left arm in addition to the right arm soft splint. Since he's been in bed for so long, Mack's feet have started to show signs of "foot drop". The nurses have been putting a special shoe, alternating between his feet, to help that situation. The stitches in his head are due to come out real soon - probably in the next day or so.

That's all the update I have tonight. Thank you all for keeping Mack and his family in your prayers. We appreciate all the cards and well wishes from everyone over the past month. Thank you ALL so much.

Ruth & Richard

Jimmy and Mack playing in their Grandma Manor's back yard. Jimmy was about 61/2 and Mack was almost 5. Mack the clown, was doing "armpit farts".


Anonymous Jenny, aka, Macks little sister said...

Just to let everyone know, yesterday when my parents went to see Mack, he opened his eyes up wide, looked right at my dad and focused on him. VERY EXCITING!!

Also, apparently, the hospitals no longer provide soap for the patients. Yesterday after leaving the hospital my parents (macks mom & stepdad) went to Walmart and got Mack some great stuff! He now has body wash, powder, toothpaste(the infant kind, so it doesnt hurt him if he swalllows it) lotion, shampoo, and all kinds of other stuff to keep him fresh and clean! When you go see him, you should see the basket. We all know how he is when it comes to looking and smelling good! Lil Mack Daddy as I always called him. I think he is doing much better! Keep those prayers and thoughts going!

8:21 AM  

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