Saturday, September 09, 2006

September 9, 2006

These pictures were taken at Mack's great aunt Nancy and great uncle Finney's house in Martinsville, after the Lackey family reunion dinner in October, 2003. Most of Mack's grandmother Manor's side of the family live in and around Martinsville, Virginia. Cousin David Lackey (playing the piano) is an attorney and lives in North Carolina.

Uncle Finney had a bad fall earlier this year and has been in the hospital ever since as well. We are continually praying for him and Aunt Nancy and wish them both the best.

As I mentioned in the blog before, the entire Manor/Lackey family is musically and artistically talented. Everyone who was there and wanted to, played the baby grand piano while Kim played her guitar.

Mack's Aunt Elsie plays the piano with ease, especially gospel and rag-time tunes. Of course, Aunt Nancy plays her baby grand beautifully as well. Aunt Nancy (in red and black) is standing beside her holding her granddaughter. Uncle Finney (in the yellow shirt) is sitting at the bottom of the stairwell, next to me.

Mack has been on the 11th floor since the evening of September 5th, however, he's been having several "low oxygen" attacks since he has been up there. Richard, Belinda and I went up earlier yesterday afternoon to hang out with Mack and talk to him. Everything seemed fine for quite a while. Then, last night, around 9 p.m. he had another bad attack where his oxygen level started going down below 90. We got the nurse to come in and check him to make sure that he didn't have a blockage in his trach, and as she did, his oxygen level kept dropping below 90. Lori, the nurse called the respiratory therapist immediately, and between the two of them, they worked on Mack with oxygen and meds to help bring his level back to around the mid-80's within 15 minutes. At one point, while they were working on him, Mack's oxygen level went down to the mid 70's, which is alarming. I must admit, I was getting very anxious while they were working on Mack and stepped behind the curtain for a few minutes. I have a hard time with crisis like that, which is why I never aspired to be a nurse. Richard and Belinda stayed in Mack's room while they were working on him. Around 10 p.m. Mack's oxygen level was back around 93 - 95, so we got him cleaned up (clean linens and clothes, etc.) and settled back down to rest for the night. We stayed there to watch him until about 11 p.m. and his oxygen level was back to 98-100 before we left. This morning the hospital called to let us know that they moved Mack back into ICU again and that the doctor wanted to do a Brochoscopy on Mack today. They're also going to check to make sure that the pneumonia hasn't returned since he's been off of antibiotics for a few days.

Please keep Mack in your prayers as he is still VERY MUCH in need of them. We will update the blog as soon as we have more news.

Ruth & Richard


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I've been watching this blog since the beginning. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Tommy Saunders

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