Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This is Misty Jane Manor a.k.a. "Boo-Boo"

Mack has always had a soft heart when it comes to animals, particularly dogs. Two weeks after we had to put Gypsy to sleep (she had cancer), Mack brings Misty to our home. His story was that the owners were moving and had two dogs. They couldn't take both dogs and needed to find a home for Misty. Honestly, I was not ready to take on another dog so soon after Gypsy was put to sleep. I told Mack okay, she could stay until he found her another home providing that her shots were up to date and that the stitches she had from being spayed were removed. Misty was very apprehensive and afraid of me at first. As the weeks passed, she warmed up to us all and became part of our family. Of course, Mack pretty much knew this would happen once he brought her over here. Well, all I can say is that Misty has turned out to be a wonderful dog to have around. She's loving, active and playful, just as sweet as she can be and a great watch dog. Heck, we even have breakfast together every morning! I know that sounds rather silly, but I love my special time in the morning with Misty. She keeps me calm.

Richard said that Mack was propped up, sitting in a chair when he got to the hospital this afternoon. Mack is also showing signs of swallowing regularly. However, this evening, Mack had another low-oxygen episode on the 9th floor. The nurses, doctors and respiratory therapist were attending him as quickly as possible, but not before Mack's oxygen level dropped to the low 80's again. They got him stabilized and ran x-rays and tests to see if there was any blockage or something that caused this episode, however, we won't find out the results until tomorrow. In the mean time, they moved Mack back to ICU again. Seems that he makes one or two steps progress and then a step or two back again. I'll update again tomorrow or as soon as I have more info.

Crystal, I hope that you're taking good care of yourself and hopefully feeling better.

With Love to all,
Ruth & Richard


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