Sunday, October 22, 2006

Correction about Paul Manor's POW status from Aunt Jackie in Texas

From Aunt Jackie - "I noticed in your last posting you wrote that Paul was a POW for 6 weeks - it was six months. He was taken prisoner on Dec 10, 1950 at the Chosin Reservoir by the Chinese. They took them across the Yalu River into Manchuria. Six months later 16 Marines and one Army officer escaped and made there way from behind enemy lines to be picked up by US Forces in tanks. "


Anonymous Merry S. Watson said...

Dear Ruth and Richard,
I think the picture is freat, and i am glad that yall all liked the dog. I am sorry about the set back with Mack. Some Nurses forget their place and think they know everything. Keep trying to get the Doctor to rethink his decision. Mack needs that much normalcy in his life right now. We as always are praying for Mack and yall too. You and Richard need the prayers as much as he does. The stress of someone you love in the hospital and dependent on everyone else is tremendous. Remember that Mack needs your strenght as much as your love. We as always are remembering you with love. Take care of yourselves and Mack. Love Mimi, Aunt Birtie, Ivan, Lisa, Michelle, and Sydney.

10:13 AM  

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