Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October 11, 2006

This is Richard's baby! His 2001 Goldwing he rode to Washington DC for Rolling Thunder this past May. Notice the MIA flag next to the American flag! Richard rides to DC every year for Rolling Thunder to honor those who fought in the wars; especially his dad, Paul Manor, who was a prisoner of war in Korea for about six weeks. Richard, my ex-Marine, has been out of the Marine Corps for over 25 years; however, I'm happy to say the "Marine" morals and values have never left Richard. I'm very proud of the person that Richard is, and very happy that he and I got married on July 3, 1993. We have a wonderful life together. We love and support each other and bring out the best in each other. Because I had been "burned" twice before, (and swore I wasn't going to do it again), it took Richard 8 1/2 years to convince me to marry him. I'm glad that he loved me enough and had the patience to hang in there with me all that time. It paid off for both of us.


Richard and Belinda gave Mack a haircut yesterday (Tuesday) evening. He looks so much better now. Mack never liked his hair long anyway. When they arrived, he also had both knees drawn up, which is new. He hadn't been moving his left leg very much at all up to now. This evening (Wednesday), Richard said that Mack pointed to his front teeth several times. He couldn't figure out what he wanted and decided that Mack wanted his teeth brushed - so he and the nurse brushed his teeth. Once that was done, Mack was content and started fiddling with the trach again. He wants it off! I'm thinking he's about to make a big turn around real soon. Richard asked the nurse yesterday about how long the trach was supposed to stay in and the response was that they have already started to downsize the inner cannula a little at a time. When they get the hole to the smallest size, they will plug the cannula. If he breathes alright without any problems after that, they will take the entire inner and outer cannula out. He will still have the stoma there, but it should heal. That will mean that Mack should start talking once it has healed up, if he's able to talk. We're pretty sure he can hear us, but not so sure what he can see or how clearly he can see. Hopefully, we will find out real soon. He may surprise some of us with what he says when he starts talking again. Just be prepared for anything if you go to visit him over the next few weeks.

Thanks to everyone for checking in on the blog when you can. Thanks Aunt Jacky (Manor) for your e-mail and please keep in touch. Aunt Jacky lives in Texas. Hello and thanks to Patricia Williams Manor, who also has left a couple of messages on the blog for us.

All the best to everyone,

Ruth & Richard


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