Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October 17, 2006

William Calvin Pettis and Evelyn Denise Hermine Link (Ruth's parents) were married state-side in Pensacola, Florida on October 17, 1959. Today would have been their 37th wedding anniversary if Dad would still be with us. They met when Dad was in the Army stationed in Stutgard, Germany.

Mack has been breathing on his own without complications for quite a while now, so his trach was plugged yesterday. The plan is that the doctors will take out his trach tube tomorrow as long as Mack doesn't have any problems tonight. He has been making some sounds the past couple of days, but is not talking yet. That should come real soon after they take the trach out. Mack has been pointing to his mouth and teeth a lot lately and chewing on a mini football now and then which makes me think that he's thirsty and hungry. We still can't give him any solid food. Hopefully, that will come soon. Let's face it, the liquid diet stuff they've been giving him through the feeding tube in his stomach doesn't do much for him except keep him from starving to death. As soon as he's able to eat and swallow, I'm taking him some of his favorite foods to him. For those of you who don't know, and plan to go up there to feed him, he doesn't like for his food to touch in his plate. He's always been particular about that.

Mack's neuro-doctor has taken him off of the Sinemet (trial med) because it caused him to be too stimulated and agitated after taking it for several weeks. He is now taking muscle relaxers because of the left arm, which he keeps tightly pulled toward him. He needs to relax it and start moving it more along with his left leg. Some of the deeper wounds from the accident on his leg, shoulder and hands are still healing, and they're looking a whole lot better than they did at first. If Mack continues to improve, he will be going to rehab soon. I'm hoping that he will start talking within the next few days, which will make a difference in his Glasgow scale rating. He is still at a 9 according to the doctors. If he starts talking and responding to commands, he will get upgraded. A normal coherent person is at 15, the top of the scale.

That's all the good news for tonight. I'll update again as things happen.

Thanks to everyone for your support,
Ruth & Richard


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