Friday, October 20, 2006

October 20, 2006

This is one of the frogs from the pond in our back yard. We haven't named any of them yet. They've been croaking like crazy around here all summer long. At my last count about a month ago, I think we had about 8 tadpoles, with small arms and legs, who were coming up to the surface to get air. Whenever we go out into the back yard at night during the summer, we can hear them croaking loud and clear (sometimes almost deafening) - until you get near the pond, and then, you hear a big plop or two as they jump into the pond to get away. They're kind of shy, I guess. Last week when it got down to the upper 30's at night, the frogs must have gone to hibernate because I haven't heard them nor seen them recently. That's fine, they can hang out around here for the winter and keep us company again next summer. We enjoy having them around 'cause they eat all the mosquitos and flies!

The doctor finally took Mack's trach completely out on Wednesday. He also took the oxygen sensor off his finger on Thursday. Mack has been raising up on his own, trying to set up in the bed, for the past few days and also has managed to roll over to his left side on his own a couple of times. Mack makes noises as though he's trying to talk, although, sometimes its just a grunt, but it is a sound coming out of him. He's trying to bite on things, like his rubber football or heart, more like he's trying to chew on it. Honestly, I think he trying to tell us he wants food to eat! It's still too early for him to have solid foods. He will most likely start out on a liquid diet for a few days fairly soon and then progress on to regular food as his stomach and everything else can tolerate it. Unfortunately, Mack still has MRSA and we still need to wear the blue coveralls and gloves when we visit him. Hopefully, they will get that cleared up soon.

It's been a long haul for Mack to get to this point from where he was on August 8th, and he has a lot further to go to get back to a normal state as he was before, but with everyone's encouragement and help along the way, he will get there. Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming.

God bless all our friends and family,
Ruth & Richard


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