Thursday, October 05, 2006

October 5th, 2006 - Mack's nickname

Happy Birthday, Henry! Let's see you're how old? Pushing to the big 46, aren't you?

Mack's been nicknamed "Houdini" at the hospital by the nurses. Seems that he has figured out how to scoot down into the bed to get his hands closer to his trach tube and to scratch his face. The nurses had to tie Mack's hands to the bed with restraints because he's been pulling at his trach tubes and other things still attached to him when left alone. He's trying to get them off of him - deliberately! When we go to visit him, we take his hands out of the restraints and let him feel around his bed. But whenever he starts to get his hand closer to the trach, we won't let him - then he gets aggitated and starts thrashing around in the bed with his right leg and arm and wears himself out. His heart rate goes up from118 to 140 whenever he gets aggitated. When I went to visit him last weekend, his eyes opened as soon as he heard my voice and he held on to my hand with his right hand with a tight grip for quite a while. I'm wondering, if he didn't have the trach, would he talk. We're going to ask the doctor today how long they expect to keep the trach in place and why. Mack's still not using the left hand and leg as much as we had hoped he would by now, but we're working with him. We're hoping that he will be ready to go to physical therapy soon so that he can continue to improve his motions. Since he's making progress to make deliberate movements with his right hand and leg, the possibility that his left arm and leg will start up as well, is very good.

One more birthday, on October 2, that I want to acknowledge. My best friend - Sue Farmer! Happy Birthday, Sue, and I hope you have many more happy, healthy, prosperous years ahead. We've been through a lot together over many years, haven't we. I'm so thankful that you, Larry and the kids decided to move to Hopewell from Chicago in 1976 (?).

All our love to you all,

Ruth & Richard


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