Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November 22, 2006

This is a picture of Mack at MCV in the ICU in early September. He was very much still in a coma and barely able to open his eyes when we spoke to him. Your many prayers have helped him to progress to the point he is at now.

This is Mack last week drinking water from a sponge. He can hold his head up and even sit up in his bed with a bit of help. He is brushing his teeth mostly by himself now. He still has issues with his left side - arm and leg movements are slow in coming and seem to hurt him when he does move around. The doctors have ordered more tests to try to find out why he is having so much difficulty moving his left arm and leg.

Richard and I gave him a haircut and shave last Sunday, then shampooed his hair for him. He loved getting his hair shampooed and held really still for it. Most of the time he squirms around like a little kid, like when they have to do something they don't want to do.
Richard and Belinda took Alex, Mack's dog up to visit him last Tuesday. Mack just looked at him with a very puzzled look for several minutes, taking it all in, like he wanted to say "what the heck are you all doing bringing my dog into the hospital?" Alex jumped up in the bed with Mack and laid still for Mack to pet him and touch him. Mack even started pulling Alex's ears and Alex let him, never whimpering a sound. Richard videoed the visit of Alex with Mack, as well as Mack brushing his teeth on his own. I'm sure he'll share it with you if you come by and ask him to.
This picture is of Mack looking a pictures of Alex and Cesar, his dogs, and a picture of Misty, our dog, that he brought to us. (I know, he looks like he's asleep, but he actually blinked when the camera light flashed) He seems to want to hold on to the pictures for quite a while when we show them to him. I've also taken a small picture album up to the hospital for him of other family members and events he may remember. We're trying to stimulate him with everything we can think of to jog his memory. We're still waiting for Mack to start talking again. He makes sounds occasionally, but not regularly. If you go to visit him, please encourage him to talk with you. Once you have spoken, wait a couple of minutes to give him time to process what you've said to him. If he heard you and understands, he usually looks toward/at you or does what you've asked him to do, if he can. You never know, who might be the person to help him break through.

The doctors and social worker are still trying to get Mack into the Richmond Nursing home on Hilliard Avenue. It's a good possibility that it may happen since the entire family is highly opposed to him going to Roanoke, because it is so far away.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, 2006. We are thankful for the skilled doctors and nurses at MCV that kept Mack alive and are grateful that he is getting better each day. We are thankful for the many friends and family members that have been praying for Mack and have been at our side when we need them. I am especially thankful to Mr. Tom Arrington for repairing my mother's heat pump last week when she had no heat in her house. I pray that each of you has been blessed in many ways too this year. Oh yes, I am also very thankful that I don't have pneumonia to deal with over the holidays again this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Ruth & Richard


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Happy Thanksgiving!

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