Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Viet Nam Women's War Memorial in Washington D.C. - October 2005.

Richard and I spent a week's vacation in our timeshare in Alexandria, VA last year. We toured all over Washington D.C. and Old Town Alexandria the entire week. I highly recommend traveling via The Metro (subway) opposed to driving in that horrendous D.C. traffic. It's even bad at 3 a.m. Besides, there's almost no place to park in D.C. either.

Did you vote yesterday? I sure hope so because there are many men and women overseas, putting their life on the line, fighting for your right to vote.

UPDATE: (Sorry I'm so slow in doing this update, but the blog has been locked up for a couple of days and I couldn't upload anything into it.)

It seems that Mack has improved quite a bit in the past three to four days. On Sunday, when Richard and I visited him, Mack seemed more alert than usual. We took him pictures of Alex and Cesar, his dogs, and a picture of Misty, too. He held the onto the page and seemed like he was looking at the pictures for several minutes. Richard then shaved him and brushed his teeth. After he brushed his teeth, Richard put a cap full of mouthwash in Mack's mouth, with the intention of suctioning it back out, but Mack swallowed it before he could even blink an eye. Since Mack acted like he was really thirsty, we took one of the sponge swabs which they use for swabbing his mouth with medicine for thrush mouth, put water on it, and started swabbing his mouth with water. Mack latched on to it hard, had the water in his mouth in short time and then, swallowed it as well. Then, Richard gave him Pepsi on the swab. You can imagine that went over really well with Mack. He swallowed it as well without any problems. On Monday, Richard talked with Mack's doctor and asked him to do a swallow study on Mack to see if he can, in fact, swallow. The study came back positive and the doctor ordered Mack to have up to 5 teaspoons of water at a time. We are not supposed to give him anything else just yet. But that's a huge improvement! Oh, we can't give him the red sponge heart anymore. Mack took a bite out of it! I think the boy is HUNGRY!!!

Today, Richard called the nursing floor supervisor and got permission for us to bring Alex up to visit Mack. We will do that this weekend because Alex needs to have a bath before he goes up there - plus we're also making sure that Alex has had all of his shots, etc. Alex is the calm dog where Cesar is the hyper one, which is why we decided to take Alex up. I can't wait to see Mack's reaction when he sees Alex and gets to touch him again. I hope that will be the thing that will help him snap out of the twilight coma and come back to us, alert all the way.

Oh, one more piece of good news - Richard went up to visit Mack this afternoon, as he usually does. He shaved him and started brushing Mack's teeth, when Mack reached up with his right hand, took the toothbrush in his own hand and started brushing his teeth himself. Mack's nurse saw him do it too and noted it on his chart for the doctor. Of course Mack didn't do the best job of brushing his teeth, but he did do it by himself, without Richard holding his hand.

Today is the first day of month four since Mack's accident and we're hoping and praying that his progress continues without too many complications from here on out. We ask that you please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. God's working on his own timeline here.

We hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Love, Ruth & Richard


Anonymous Sue said...

OMG!!!!!! That is just incredible!!!! I've been praying he would do something like this. I've been praying, also, a nursing home with adequate facilities and care will be found closer to home.Kim has had a hard time accessing her email, so I've been calling her to keep them updated. God is hearing our prayers.=)

8:26 AM  

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