Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 14, 2007

Here are a couple of pictures taken on Christmas Day from Jason and Kristen of Mack with his "special" dog he got from them. I'm certain that this little puppy will make him laugh whenever he's able to laugh again. Thanks Jason and Kristen for traveling up here and spending time with Mack on Christmas. Thanks also for sharing the pictures of Mack. Once I get the picture of Mack and Jason made lighter, I'll post it as well.


Last Thursday, the docs agreed to let us give Mack his ice chips again, even without having a swallow study done. He's doing just fine with the ice chips and of course, swinging his legs that he's happy and content again.

We had Mack sitting up on the side of his bed yesterday with his feet touching the floor for about 10 minutes because he squirmed around and acted like he wanted to get out of bed. As he sat there, he was trying to push, putting his weight down with his right foot as though he wanted to stand. His left foot didn't co-operate with him much though. He kept his toes curled on his left foot.

Today, we're going to give him another hair cut, if he will allow us to. Some days he's not as co-operative as he is on other days. We just play it by ear. Richard found out that he gets more of Mack's co-operation giving him a shave with the electric razor opposed to giving him a shave with the blade razor. So, now he uses the electric razor most of the time. Mack has even taken the electric razor, trying to shave himself AND turned it off and on a few times without any help!
We were totally amazed when he did that.

Gotta go to give Mack a haircut now. More updates later.

All our love to everyone,
Ruth & Richard


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