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Article about Ronnie Grubb, Jr.'s accident on March 7, 2007

The article attached below from the Martinsville Bulletin is about Richard's nephew, (Mack's first cousin) Ronnie Grubb, Jr., who was recently hit by a falling crane. Ronnie was med-flighted to a Roanoke hospital from the site of the accident. I talked with his dad this morning and he said that Ronnie Jr. is doing ok. Ronnie suffered a fractured skull, four broken ribs (in back) and a punctured lung from the accident. He also has a chest tube to drain the fluid from his lungs. Ronnie's dad said that the nurses had him up and out of the bed yesterday, mainly to keep pneumonia from setting into his lungs, even though he was really hurting. Ronnie Grubb, Jr. is the oldest of two sons of Kim and Ronnie Grubb of Stuart, Virginia.

Man hit by crane

This crane tipped over Tuesday, causing its end to strike a man in the back of the head. Ronnie Grubb, 32, of the Reed Creek District, was airlifted to a hospital for treatment.

(Bulletin photo by Shawn Hopkins)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007
By SHAWN HOPKINS - Bulletin Staff Writer
A Henry County man was injured Tuesday afternoon when he was struck in the head by a large falling crane.
According to Virginia State Trooper B.E. Lane, Ronnie Grubb, 32, of the Reed Creek District, was working on a construction site near the 4700 block of Dyers Store Road when the accident happened. Grubb was working over a small hill and David Harr, a general contractor and owner of the house that was being built, was operating a large mechanical crane.
Lane said the crane began to tip and Harr blew the horn to warn Grubb. Grubb tried to run out of the way but tripped over some bags of fertilizer.
“That’s when the boom (the end of the crane) hit him in the back of the head,” Lane said.
Harr said Grubb was a friend who was helping him build his house and that Grubb got hit when the crane overturned. He declined further comment.
After investigating the fallen crane along with other state police officers, Lane said it was apparent that the crane fell because the extenders on one side were not fully extended, allowing it to tip.
Lane said Grubb was conscious when he was airlifted from the scene by Lifeguard air-ambulance. Lane said he did not know what hospital Grubb was taken to.
Dyers Store Volunteer Fire Department, Fieldale-Collinsville Rescue Squad, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office and Stone Ambulance Service were among the agencies that responded to the incident. The fire department set up a landing zone near the incident for the helicopter transfer.


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