Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mack's 27th Birthday Party on March 11, 2007

Please click on the link below to go to a special website that I used to turn pictures into scrapbook pages, along with music. It's my first try at this, so please don't judge too harshly. You may click on each picture along the way to make it larger. Also, look for the arrow button on the bottom right corner to turn pages - there are four of them.

Mack's birthday party at Trinity Mission last Sunday was a treat for everyone, including Mack. This was the first weekend that he actually smiled. (pictures are proof) We decorated and set everything up for the party in the conference room, toward the back of the building, so we wouldn't disturb the other residents. Music from Mack's radio set the stage and brightened up the party.

We brought along party finger food that I knew were Mack's favorites like teriyaki chicken wings, hot wings, and chicken strips, potato salad, string cheese, a vegetable tray with celery, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers, a fruit tray with cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries and seedless grapes, nuts and party mix. And of course chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert. He ate the teriyaki chicken wings, pigged out on the fruit, ate celery and string cheese by himself, and topped it off with cake (no frosting, please) and ice cream.

We rubbed a balloon on his head and tried to get it to stick to him, but it fell into Mack's lap. He picked up the balloon with his right hand and rubbed it on his head himself a couple of times, trying to get it to stick.

After everyone ate, we took Mack out to the courtyard since the weather was so warm that day. We took a few group pictures and some just of Mack, Belinda and Jason together. He loved it when Jason put his sun glasses on him so that he could look cool.

Most of the immediate Manor family drove down to wish Mack Happy Birthday. Kim and Ronnie Grubb and Mack's cousin Terry came down from Stuart, VA. Also attending were: Aunt Carol Sue and Uncle Kevin Bennett, with cousin Kaitlyn and her boyfriend, JJ; Uncle Henry and Aunt Diane Manor; Jason Bailey and Kristen; Mack's girlfriend, Belinda Morales; and Richard and myself.

Mack has always loved a good joke and he always loved to tell them too. He was class clown in school, wouldn't you know it. He could tell jokes on and on, especially while you were eating - "until it made milk come out of your nose". If you visit with him, tell him a good joke and he might even smile or laugh for you.

All the best,
Ruth & Richard


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