Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mack's New Trick - April 14, 2007

We hope that everyone is well and happy even though Spring has fizzled out on us this past week. Don't worry, we'll be complaining about the heat and humidity soon enough.

Here is another picture of Mawmaw's visit with Mack on Saturday before Easter where he's holding her hand tightly with his right hand. He was listening to her tell him the latest news and how he needs to get better so that he could help her with her "boxes". It's been a running joke between them for a couple of years about her craft boxes that either need to be brought up from the basement or be taken down to the basement. Mack used to come by her house to help her with her craft boxes and to check on her.

UPDATE: Mack's newest trick as of this past Wednesday, April 12, was to give Richard a thumbs up on command. He did this several times and the staff at Trinity Mission saw him do this as well. Of course everyone cheered when he did it again and he continued to do it three or four times in a row on command, without a pause after each command. That means he processed what he heard almost instantaneously, as a normal person would. It was documented into Mack's chart at Trinity Mission that he followed a command several times in a row. If Mack continues to follow commands regularly, he will be brought back to MCV to go through their extensive physical therapy rehabilitation. Richard has contacted and had several discussions with Dr. Bullock and neuro specialists to get advice on the best treatment for Mack now in order to get him back to being as normal as possible again. The most recent discussion was with Dr. Harvey E. Jacobs, Ph.D. LLC Licensed Clinical Psychologist / Behavior Analyst, who also has written a book that includes info on TBI's (traumatic brain injuries).

I remember Richard telling me about one conversation he had with one of Mack's doctors at MCV around the end of December. It went something like this - if Mack continued to progress at the rate that he was going (in December - eating ice, ice pops, etc.) that we might see a miracle in about 6 months. Well, it's been about 3 1/2 months since that doctor made that comment - and look how far Mack has come since December. He's eating regular food for two meals a day and is starting to follow commands.

Jenny, we do have Magic here at the house. After your request, Richard took Magic to visit Mack the next day, and as you guessed, Magic brought a smile to Mack's face. Richard said that since Magic is one of Mack's favorite things, he would rather keep him here at the house for safe keeping and take him down there now and then. We would really feel bad if Magic came up missing.

That's all the news for this evening. We encourage anyone who keeps up with Mack's progress to add your comments to the blog, if you'd like to do so. One day Mack will read this and know that we were all thinking about him and praying for him. Please don't forget to keep sending little prayers up for Mack, 'cause he still needs all the help he can get.

Have a good weekend,
Ruth & Richard
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