Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mack's Newest Improvements

Mack with his black lab "Pound Puppy" at around age 6. Even then Mack had a soft spot in his heart for dogs. He's the reason we ended up with our big dog Gypsy. She lived in the back yard across the street from Richard and Mack. Gypsy would watch for Mack to come home from school and jumped the 3 foot fence to be near him. She wouldn't stay in her yard and leave him alone at home. Gypsy basically adopted Mack, instead of the other way around. Eventually, she was given to Mack and Richard by the owner because he couldn't keep her in the yard. Gypsy turned out to be the best dog ever and we had her for about 10 years before she passed away. We miss her a lot. Mack brought Misty, our black lab, to us about two weeks after Gypsy died, saying that the owners were moving to a place where they couldn't have dogs and that they were going to put Misty in the pound if someone didn't take her. Mack said he wanted to find a home for her. Well, he found one! Even though I wasn't ready to get another dog so soon, Misty stayed with us. Over the years, whenever Mack rescued a dog or cat, somebody in the family ended up with it. That's why we have 3 cats and a big black lab and Mack and Belinda have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Just know that I'm not a bit sorry that we have them because they are good company and entertaining a lot of times too.


Mack has been making little bits of progress over the past three weeks. About three weeks ago, Richard was throwing a wash cloth at Mack and told him to catch it, and he did. Then, about a week later, Richard got Mack to throw it back to him. Mack has also learned how to put the different shaped blocks into the appropriate holes, which is the toy that Crystal and David got him for his birthday. Telling Mack jokes will get him grinning, so we've been trying to come up with new jokes to tell him. The Marketing Director, Doug, at the Nursing Home (at Trinity Mission) bought a book of jokes for Richard to read to Mack, which we did on Sunday. Mack got a kick out of the new jokes, I think.

This evening Mack was in very good spirits when Richard visited with him. For the first time, Mack laughed out loud several times for Richard this evening. Mack definitely likes "potty humor". Then, Mack passed gas three times, sneezed, and laughed out loud after each time. After that, he moved his mouth like he was trying to talk to Richard, but nothing was coming out in audible words. Richard tried to get Mack to eat his dinner, but he turned his head and wouldn't eat. Richard took some words out of a Pink Floyd tune telling Mack in a silly voice "how can you have any puddin' if you don't eat your meat." and Mack laughed at that too. Using his etch a sketch, Mack drew some curly squiggles in a pattern this evening and then put two rows of dots, spaced nearly equally apart on it. Richard usually takes Mack some pudding or a raspberry flavored sucker, which are his favorites. When Richard asked Mack if he wanted his sucker, Mack shook his head "no". Then, Richard asked him if he wanted a haircut this weekend and Mack nodded "yes". It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Mack started talking again real soon. In the mean time, we're going to keep telling him jokes to get him to laugh, even if they're old, working with him and talking with him to let him know we're all trying to help him get better, and praying that he continues to improve.

To all the mothers who read this - We hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!


Ruth & Richard