Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28, 2007 - Major News!

Hi Everyone,

After living in her house in Prince George for 35+ years, we finally got Mom moved from her huge house on Fine Street into her new 3 bedroom mobile home at Red Hill Trailer Park in Prince George. She had to down-size everything quite a bit to make that move. It was a huge undertaking, and took months to go through everything in the house, deciding what to keep and what needs to go, but we finally got it done. We moved her into the trailer officially the weekend of July 14 & 15. I apologize for not updating the blog in a while, but I was focusing on helping Mom getting everything sorted, packed and getting her moved within the 30 day time constraint, as well as going to Farmville with Richard to visit Mack on Sundays, plus working full time, and taking care of our home and animals. There just wasn't enough time, nor energy, for me to keep up with everything. So, the blog took a backseat for a little while.

BIG NEWS! Mack started talking on July 5 and has shown remarkable progress in the past four weeks. Richard got the call from the nursing home on July 5th to let him know that Mack started answering questions for the nurses, in a very low voice, but definitely talking. He told them he had 2 cats, his favorite color is blue, that he was a machinist from Hopewell. His favorite position to play in baseball is outfield - and he can light your cigarette with a cigarette lighter using his right hand. Actually, he's using his right hand and arm pretty well, but has very little movement still with his left arm and hand.
Over the past four weeks we've been asking Mack lots of questions to find out just what he remembers and have discovered that his memory is a bit scrambled. It seems that on some days he can remember past history better than other days. One day he was very confused and said he was from Saudi Arabia and that he lived in Afghanistan before he came to the nursing home. Richard has been taking watermelon and cantaloupe to Mack recently and when asked, he rates the cantaloupe a 9 and the watermelon a 3 - but it depends on which day you ask him. When it comes to pictures, Mack can identify almost everyone in the little book of pictures most of the time. He got Alex confused with Gypsy one day (another dog we had, who is now deceased.) There wasn't a picture of Gypsy in the book so we brought one for him to see and realize what she looked like compared to Alex. Now he gets it right. Mack can add, subtract, and multiply small numbers without any problems. Last night Mack told Richard that he is 19, but feels like he's 80. Richard corrected him and told him that he's 27. Because Mack had a very talkative night last night, Richard called me from his cell phone and put Mack on. I talked with Mack for about 5 minutes before he started talking. When I asked him if his tooth still hurts and he finally said "Yes, but that's okay". (Richard is going to get that tooth taken care of on Monday, we hope.) Then I got Mack laughing by telling him about the argument/bumper-wheelchair fight that one of the residents had with another one in the hall down there a few months ago. One of those residents has a room next door to Mack and is looking out for him. Mack told me he has six or seven girlfriends now and laughed about it. After Mack talked to me, Richard called Jason, Mack's best friend. Mack grabbed the phone from Richard's hand when he heard Jason's voice and started talking - saying "What's up buddy?" and grinning. He's discovered what a phone is for again!
Mack is proof that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! You just have to keep praying and believe.
Since Mack started to communicate and follow directions, it shouldn't be much longer before Mack is brought back to MCV for his 30-day rehab workout.
Again, thanks to everyone for your prayers and support,
Ruth and Richard - and of course, MACK!