Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12, 2007

Mack's aunt Carol Sue Bennett (on left) with her a couple of her friends from Rolling Thunder, Chapter 5, at Saturday's picnic at the American Legion building in Petersburg. Richard's band was hired to play Southern Rock music for the picnic.

They lost a dear friend and member Hal "Top" Grundler to a motorcycle accident in July, 2007. We were told that as the Rolling Thunder Chapter members were returning on 460 from a visit taking toys to the Norfolk Children's Hospital, Hal's bike tire was losing pressure, causing him to lose control of his bike and he hit a car head on, which killed him. It was an awful tragedy for everyone who knew and loved him, as he was "one heck of an American." Please click on the link to view some of the last pictures taken of Hal and the gang at the Norfolk Children's hospital.
In memory of Hal "Top" Grundler Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Virginia Chapter 5 .
Mack is still talking, but it comes and goes, depending on his mood and how tired he is. He went to the dentist recently and had x-rays taken. He had three teeth which need to be filled. The dentist decided that Mack needed to be "put under" to get the work done properly all at once. We're waiting now on an available date for him to get those teeth taken care of. Once that's done, he may be in better moods.
We have noticed that he gets tired a lot easier when he talks to us. It could be that he's trying really hard to think about what we're asking him and what the answers should be. He has figured out that he was born in San Bernadino, California instead of Afghanistan. :) He also remembers his birthdate, but is still confused about how old he is. Friday he said he was 21 and we corrected him, explaining that if he was born in 1980 and now it's 2007, that he is 27 now. He didn't smile or laugh at that, so I know it wasn't a joke he was pulling on us, he truly thought he was 21. We ask him all sorts of questions about his past to see if he remembers details and he does remember lots of things when he was a teenager, but doesn't remember much about things that happened in the past two or three years. He definitely remembers who Belinda is and kisses her hand when she comes to visit. He still gets confused about details and dates.
On Friday, when Richard picked up Mack to put him into bed, Mack said to him, "dam, how high are you taking me? Are you trying to make me fly?" We just cracked up over that remark. Mack is use to a lift picking him up and putting him into bed, not a person, so Richard took him out of his comfort zone. He also bit Richard on the shoulder as he was moving Mack into bed, out of anxiety, I'm sure. So, if anyone else decides to do that, be careful of the teeth!

Mom is getting settled into her new home and seems to be doing okay. She pulled her back out moving a cabinet on her own last week. She said she moved it because she didn't want to bother anyone to come move it for her. Of course, I scolded her for it.

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers,
Ruth & Richard


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