Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More on Mack - Fell out of his wheelchair

First, I apologize for the delay on the update, but Comcast was out of service here for several days until they replaced a line in the neighborhood. (Darned squirrels! They've chewed through the lines before.)

UPDATE on previous post:

Mack was admitted to Southside Community Hospital of Farmville for observation on Monday, then returned to the nursing home on Tuesday evening. He had to have his feeding tube stem replaced which was dislodged. The doctor didn't say whether or not the blood Mack vomited came from that dislodged feeding tube. It's been a few days since Mack's been back at the nursing home and has seemed to recover from that incident fairly well.

The Wheelchair Fall incident - This past Monday afternoon (10/1/07), Mack feel head first out of his wheelchair. I can't imagine how that could happen since they usually have a tray fastened in front of him to hold him in. I suspect that the tray must not have been fastened properly and when Mack leaned over to put his head down on the tray, it slid off, causing him to fall head first. Again, Mack was rushed to the hospital in Farmville and checked over by the doctors there. Because he fell on his head, the doctor wanted to do an MRI on Mack, but couldn't because of the arthrapy in his legs. So tomorrow (Thursday) Richard is going down to bring Mack up here to MCV to have Mack's neurosurgeon evaluate him and possibly run some tests to make sure no further damage was done when he fell out of his wheelchair.

I also had to take my Mom to her doctor today. Seems that she may have gotten food poisoning on Sunday at Bingo. She's been quite ill since Sunday evening, but didn't say anything to me about being ill until last night. I think she will be okay in a few days after she gets the medicine her doctor prescribed today into her system.

To our family who will be at the family reunion in Martinsville this weekend, we love you all and we're thinking of you all being together. We will be there with you in spirit, and hopefully next year, in person. We send you our love and prayers.


Ruth & Richard


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