Tuesday, October 09, 2007

October 8, 2007

A pond near Mom's house. Richard took these pictures.

Richard took Mack to MCV last week to see Dr. Ward for an evaluation. Dr. Ward is the neurosurgeon, who oversees Mack's care. As far as we know, everything is okay with Mack since his fall from the wheelchair.

There is a possibility that Mack may be moved to a convalescent/rehab center in Petersburg soon. That would be better for him since they will work with his legs and left arm regularly and hopefully, get him walking again. It's also better for us and his other relatives who live in this area so we can spend more time with him instead of on the road. If he gets moved, I'll post it when that happens, along with the address. I think it will be a change for the better and make it easier on everyone who wants to visit Mack.

Mom was admitted to Chippenham hospital last Thursday evening for severe diverticulitis and some other problems. She was released yesterday afternoon and I took her home to her house. She seems to be doing a lot better than she was last Wednesday. Per doctor's orders, a home-health nurse will be helping me check on her and take care of her for a couple of weeks.

That's all the news for now. Please pray that Mack gets moved to the new facility in Petersburg soon and that they will work with him to help him walk again.

Much love and peace to everyone,

Richard & Ruth


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