Friday, November 23, 2007


The first picture is of Mack and Richard on the front porch at Trinity Mission Convelescent Center in Farmville in September, before he was transferred to Healthsouth in Petersburg.

The second picture was taken after Mack had been at Healthsouth for about 3 weeks. He looks more alert and content.

The third and fourth pictures were taken after Mack had been at Healthsouth for about a month. He ate cantaloupe and was laughing at pictures I showed him on the laptop.

The fifth picture was taken yesterday when we had him at home for Thanksgiving.

He was giving all he had into playing the piano for us. He obviously needs to improve quite a bit more to be able to function on his own again, but we have seen huge progress in him in the past six weeks. We talk with Mack explaining frequently that he is in Healthsouth so they can help him progress more rapidly and that he needs to cooperate and work hard with them to help him. He WANTS to get better and he says he is trying to do what is asked of him, but sometimes it's hard and he gets really tired. Mack has never been a quitter and I believe that he will prevail in due time. Please help us to encourage him to continue his progress and to never give up. He can do it and will!

Thanks for your support and encouragement,

Ruth & Richard


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