Sunday, December 09, 2007

December 8, 2007 - Mack is back at Trinity Mission in Farmville

Yesterday afternoon Richard took Mack back to Farmville to Trinity Mission Convalescent Center. Mack received a warm welcome from familiar faces and has his old room back, but in the bed closest to the door instead of the window. He seemed to do well with the transition and asked a couple of people he knew "what's up" and gave hugs.

Take 460 West toward Farmville
Take the first Farmville (business) exit.
Go to the first traffic light and take a left
Go down to the third road on the left, Scott Road
turn left on Scott Road and go about 1/4 mile
Trinity Mission is on the left

Richard brought Mack home for a short while to have some cookies for dessert and to visit with me and the cats and dog before taking him on to Farmville.

Thanks to everyone at Healthsouth who took care of Mack and helped us keep him there as long as possible. We appreciate everything you all have done for Mack and us.

For our caretaker friends at Trinity Mission - please keep a close watch on Mack as he likes to scoot/slouch down in his wheelchair and may slide out if he isn't buckled in well. He's made so much progress in the past two months, we wouldn't want anything to happen to him to undo that.

Much love to all,
Richard & Ruth