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Christmas 2007 - Slideshow

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year! January 5, 2008

When Mack was asked on several different occasions by various caretakers at Trinity Mission where he wanted to go on Christmas Eve, Mack usually stated he wanted "to go to Dad's". So, Richard got an 8-hour pass for Mack and brought him home to celebrate Christmas Eve. Throughout the evening, even though he got a bit tired, it was very apparent that Mack was very happy with that decision.

Jason and Kristen came up from North Carolina, so Jason went with Richard to pick Mack up from the nursing home. Mack's face lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw Jason and the two of them joked and carried on like old times the entire time as Richard drove home. In the mean time, Carol Sue, Kevin and Kaitlin, Mawmaw, Henry and Diane, and Jason's mom, Kay and John, and Kristen came over to celebrate Christmas with Mack. Mack enjoyed some of his favorite foods I always make - sweet & sour meatballs, shrimp, and chocolate chip cookies and then played the piano with his dad. He's starting to remember a lot of what he used to play and goes at it once he recognizes the tune Richard starts playing.
Mack has been receiving Ritalin since late November (about 6 weeks), which seems to heighten his awarness quite a bit. We've also noticed that it seems to help restore his memory.

Mack also received the first round of Phenol injections in his left arm and leg on December 18th from Dr. Giordano in Richmond. Phenol is like Botox and is supposed to help loosen his arm and leg muscles. He will go back to see Dr. Giordano on January 18 for followup and possibly more injections.
Richard went up to Farmville on Thursday, January 3, for Mack's careplan meeting. The rehab director brought up that Mack was actually singing songs at their Christmas party, eating chocolate cake and dancing in the wheelchair. That evening, Richard spent time with Mack as he usually does when he goes to visit. Richard started telling Mack how badly he was hurt in the accident when Mack grabbed Richard by his coat and pulled him toward him. Richard asked him "what are you doing"? Mack responded "I'm back and I'm going to be okay". Richard kind of lost it and Mack asked him if he was alright - several times. Richard told him that he had been waiting 17 months to hear that.

Since Farmville is so far away (3 hour drive roundtrip), we are still looking to have Mack moved to a nursing home closer to us. He has been put on a waiting list at some local facilities and we will add more soon. We miss seeing him and checking on him like we did when he was at Healthsouth where we could visit him every day or several times a day, if we wanted to. It made a difference for Mack as well knowing that he would have visitors every day, and the visitors included other family members besides Dad and Ruth.
Here are some pictures that were taken when Mack came home for a visit before he returned to Trinity Mission and on Christmas Eve, 2007.

Happy New Year!
Ruth & Richard