Monday, July 07, 2008

Time at home for Mack - Sunday, June 29, 2008

Richard brought Mack home for the day the morning of June 29 to give him a different environment for a little while. We cooked his favorite meal on the new Weber barbeque grill which I received for my 30th Service Anniversary from Philip Morris. We prepared teriyaki and barbecued chicken wings, my homemade potato salad and cabbage. We had my version of Tiramisu for dessert, which he (and his Aunt Sue)loved. The cabbage wasn't his favorite, but the rest went over really big with him. His aunt, Carol Sue and his uncle Henry and aunt Diane came over to eat and visit with him as well. A little while after dinner Mack also enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies while the jokes started rolling and he started laughing until he got tired out from all of the excitement about 30 minutes later. I think he enjoyed himself. We've noticed lately that whenever Mack likes something a lot, he will start moving and tapping his right leg, although his left leg is still and immobile throughout.

Once we realized how tired he had gotten, Richard put him on our bed to rest for an hour, and Mack and our cat, Ms Puss, slept on the bed together for a while. Richard started the trip with Mack back to Farmville around 4:30pm and it was after 8pm when he got back home, tired but happy that he spent the day with Mack and the family.

Some of our friends, near and dear to both Richard and me, have had some serious health issues to deal with recently. We pray that each of you comes through this safe and sound and ask that anyone else who reads this blog to help us pray for them as well....Janice, Jeanie, Ron and Ginger. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you throughout each day. We love you and want you to pull through and get back in good health again soon.

May the Lord watch between me and thee while we're absent from each other.

Much Love,

Ruth & Richard