Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

As you can see from the attached pictures, Mack is sitting on the back of Richard's motorcycle. It takes some doing to lift him and get him seated on the bike because he's cursing like a sailor the entire time, but once he's seated comfortably on it, he's ready to go. Richard has taken Mack for short rides around in Farmville and Mack holds on to the back of his dad's seat and enjoys the ride.

Yesterday, his aunt Sue and his dad rode their bikes up to Farmville to visit with him, and again, Richard took Mack for a ride to the Farmville airport. Sue said that he was fairly talkative yesterday - he talked more than she had ever heard out of him since the accident. Sue also noticed that Mack started moving and using his left hand a little yesterday. That's quite unusual, but very good.
Lately, Mack has been having some days where he seems much more alert and talkative than on other days. I hope that's an indication that he's overcoming the plateau he hit a couple of months ago. We wanted to see more progress and it's starting to happen again.

As one can see from the picture, Mack is quite content to be on the back of his dad's Goldwing. Notice that his left hand is on the seat back - he did that himself.
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Ruth & Richard


Blogger Julia M. said...

I'm So glad to see that he is doing well!! He looks Fantastic!

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