Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Trip to Pennsylvania - University of PA Hospital

On Sunday, Richard took Mack to Pennsylvania. He had an appointment to see Dr. Mary Ann Keenan, Orthopedic Surgeon, for an evaluation of his legs and arm muscles/tendons. The objective is to get Mack mobile again so that he can at least transfer himself from his wheelchair to the bed and go to the bathroom. She was referred to us by Dr. Nathan Zasler. Dr. Zasler said that there were other doctors here in VA who could do the surgery to repair Mack's muscles in his legs and left arm, but that Dr. Keenan is the BEST in the country. That is why Richard took Mack up there this weekend. While they were there, Richard took Mack to the Philly Diner to have cheesesteak subs. I didn't go to see it for myself, but based on the picture, those sandwiches were huge! Mack ate over half of his sandwich, plus he also ate about half of the fries.

Dr. Zasler has changed some of Mack's medications so you may notice a few changes in him when you go to visit him next time. Dr. Zasler is trying to achieve the optimum combination for Mack to allow him to be more aware and alert on a regular basis. We've noticed that he talks more and in longer sentences, plus he initiates appropriate responses more often than before. For example, today Richard went to visit him and when he got ready to leave, he told Mack goodbye, to which Mack replied "Be careful". It was raining outside and Mack's comment indicated that he was aware that the weather was bad.

Later this month, Mack is scheduled to see Dr. Young, Neurosurgeon at MCV, for a spinal tap to evaluate the degree of hydrocephalus Mack has remaining from the accident. There is a possibility that he may have to have a shunt implanted to control the cereberal spinal fluid pressure on his brain. I will post an update as soon as we have further information.

Much love to all,

Ruth & Richard


Blogger Lucy Potter said...

Bless his heart... that young man has certainly come a long way!!!
And yall are so fortunate to have Richard in yalls life... and Richard is lucky to have you and Mack..
Thanks for the update..you know I read them all..
To Mack.. hang in there young man! You are doing great!
much love to you and your family,
Lucille & John

2:53 PM  
Anonymous crystal said...

Thanks so much for keeping up the blog, I read it all the time, especially if I haven't seen him in a few weeks. Mack is so lucky to have you both. And I know that you don't hear this enough, but thank you for everything you do for him, it never goes unnoticed or un appreciated!! Please don't ever hesistate to let me know if you need help with anything.
Love you guys, Crystal

8:05 PM  

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