Sunday, December 20, 2009

Funny Stuff

Last Thursday Richard got a call from the nursing home to let him know that Mack had gotten out of his bed onto the floor with his head resting on his bed, laughing his butt off. The nurse asked him if he fell out of bed and he replied "no, I got out because I wasn't tired anymore." I guess he thought it was funny because he couldn't get back into bed and he couldn't go anywhere else either. He was stuck in place, but he managed to get out of bed on his own.

We had about 4-5 inches of snow on Friday into Saturday. Not too bad compared to other places. The side roads are clear and so is Rt. 10, which is good.

I made Mack and Richard's favorite meal today - Rouladen, mashed potatoes and broccoli. I spoke with Mack on the phone this evening and told him that I was cooking his favorite meal, to which he responded, "bring me some please". I've prepared him a plate and will take it to him tomorrow along with some cookies I've been baking over the past 2 weeks.