Monday, February 15, 2010

Mack's Surgery In March Has Been Cancelled

Happy Valentine's Day!
On December 2009, Mack had been scheduled to have surgery in March in Pennsylvania on his legs and hips, with intensive physical therapy thereafter for two to three weeks. Since then, we received a call from the PA doctor's office cancelling, saying that she was not going to be available to do the surgery for several weeks. They suggested that we could use another doctor to do the same type of surgery, however, after consulting with Dr. Zasler, we decided to wait until Dr. Keenan can do it, since she's the best in her field.

In the mean time, yesterday (Valentine's Day), Mack was talking and trying to be funny, like he used to be. His speech is still slurred, but he tries to carry on a conversation. Last Sunday, when Richard and I went to visit him, he was totally out of it. Meaning that Mack didn't want to eat, or talk, and fell asleep in an instant, like he used to over a year ago. It had me a bit concerned because I had seen this the weekend before too. It had snowed both weekends and the nursing home was shortstaffed. Of course, being a Mom, my mind went into overtime thinking all kinds of crazy things after watching crime/law shows on TV. All I can say is that I hope my fears are for nothing or someone will have hell to pay if something crazy is going on.

Richard and I had a nice visit with Carol Sue, Bill, Caitlin, Henry, Diane, Angel, Daniel, Leland, and Astrid over at Sue's house on Sunday. Since we haven't seen Angel and her family in quite a while, we all gathered at Sue's house to visit and to wish Sue a Happy Birthday, although, Saturday was actually Sue's birthday.
We've had so much snow (over 40 inches total) this year, that everyone is hoping for spring to hurry up and come. It even snowed in Milton, Florida (but didn't stick), and a foot of snow fell in Dallas, Texas, this past week where Richard's aunt Jackie lives. It's almost unbelieveable!!!

As soon as we have any news on a pending surgery date for Mack, I plan to post it. Keep in mind, things could change again for various reasons. And there may be one or two more surgeries later to straighten out his left foot and left arm. The goal is to loosen tendons in his hips and legs, and left foot and arm so that he may be able to transfer himself from the wheelchair to the bed, or toilet, and vice-versa. If the surgery and physical therapy works as it should, he might be able to walk again, eventually.

Stay warm and safe inside 'cause spring is just around the corner.

Till next time,
Ruth & Richard